Discover My Personal Experience with Mort Fertel – Did He Save My Marriage?

Hi, my name’s Mikk and you’re about to read a detailed review of Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program and my personal marriage problems and how I had to fight tooth and nail to save my marriage.

But first, let me tell you I had no clue on how to stop a divorce.  Probably like you, I spent hours upon hours searching on the internet for answers to save my marriage.  I struggled my way through mountains of marriage help books and blogs with no luck until finally running across some guy named Mort Fertel.

FreeMarriageHelpAt the time, I was clueless on how to save my marriage.  Marriage counseling was the furthest thing on my mind but I soon discovered I needed it desperately.

I read almost every marriage help book out there…every marriage advice blog…I even went for traditional marriage counseling.  Unfortunately it was all a waste of time.

 I Remember Crying On the Phone with Strangers

I was desperate to find the right answer to fix my marriage problems.  How to stop my divorce became the center of my life.  I could hardly work.  Everyone I spoke to started hearing about my marriage problems.  It was pretty pathetic.  I even remember crying on the phone while talking to strangers.

I just couldn’t help it.  I was looking for answers and had no shame in asking everyone for help.

The advice I was getting from friends and family just wasn’t working.  I was so close to calling it quits and giving up until finally I found something that snapped me into reality.  This is why I started this Mort Fertel Review Blog.

 Why This Mort Fertel Review Blog Was Created

I know how badly I was searching for answers and if you’re anything like I was you’re going to love this unbiased investigation of Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness program.  Through it, you’ll learn everything you need to know.

I’ll be taking you behind the curtain and giving you insider tips directly from the Marriage Fitness program.  With this information, you’ll know if Mort Fertel is right for you or not.

Please NOTE: This is only a review site.  Click Here for Mort Fertel’s Official Site if that’s what you’re looking for. 

 What is Marriage Fitness and who is Mort Fertel?

Marriage Fitness is a very thorough course on fixing your marriage problems.  Rather than just being a simple marriage help book, it’s a comprehensive relationship-changing course.

The program consists of written explanations, homework assignments, reading assignments, interactive exercises, 1 on 1 private sessions, tele-seminars, Q&A teleconferences, journal entries and audio CD listening experiences all designed to transform you and your marriage.

Though the course seems intimidating at first, it’s very easy to use and the step-by-step nature of it takes you by the hand effortlessly.  As long as you can read, you’ll never be lost within the course.

You can go through the course as slow or as fast as you like.  I personally went through Marriage Fitness super-fast because I was desperate to fix my marriage problems.  Time was not on my side.  My marriage was blowing up right in front of me.  I needed to take action quickly.

 How Quickly Will This Work For You?

Luckily for me, Mort Fertel’s program made a positive impact for me almost immediately.  I could see it working in my marriage but more importantly, it made me feel better almost instantly.

At last I had some guidance.  I wasn’t alone anymore.  I finally connected to someone and something.  There were so many stories within the program that fit my personal situation to the T.

The piece of mind I gained from simply listening to CDs of other people facing the same marriage problems as me was extremely emotional.  I no longer felt alone! There were exercises that helped me right away.

If you’d like to see what exercises helped me, Click Here

There’s a ton of FREE Information you can start using immediately.    Some of the best CDs I listened to almost daily were called “That’s What I was Going to Ask”.  These are CDs of Mort Fertel speaking with other people with marriage problems.  They’re quite eerie because you’ll start to hear the exact same problems you’re currently facing.

When you hear someone else facing the exact same problem as you, it’s an amazing relief.  I remember thinking to myself so many times, “Wow…that’s the exact thing that’s happening to me right now”.

Hearing the problem and then hearing Fertel address it immediately is so helpful.  I guarantee you’ll feel the weight of the world fall off your shoulders when you listen to these CDs.  It’s an extremely emotional moment to learn you’re not alone.

 What about Complaints? Do I have any?

It may seem I have nothing bad to say about Marriage Fitness but that’s not true.  There are a couple things I was a little annoyed about.

  • For starters, I had to wait quite a while for my 1 on 1 private session with Mort.  For some reason I thought I could just pick up the phone and call him whenever I wanted and get my most burning question answered.  This unfortunately wasn’t true.  I had to actually schedule the call about 2 weeks out.
  •  Another thing I wasn’t too happy about was having to call in for the tele-conferences.  I wish instead there were some type of recordings that I could just tap into.  I think it would be better if you had a choice between listening to live tele-conferences or recorded ones.  This way, you aren’t bound by certain times.

When I look back now at my disappointments, I realize I was being selfish.  Just having the 1 on 1 with Fertel was priceless.  In addition, I had about 15 CDs I could listen to anytime I wanted.  It was silly for me to be upset about the tele-conference.  I guess I was just trying to devour all his information as quickly as I could because it was very helpful.

 And how about the positive things about Marriage Fitness?

What were they?

Let me start with the most obvious.

  •  The step-by-step nature of the program was priceless.  I don’t know about you, but I was frazzled during this phase in my life and I needed serious direction and this program gave it.
  •  The 1 on 1 private session with Mort Fertel was powerful.  It so happened I had a very serious problem I needed an answer to immediately which wasn’t covered in the program so I asked Mort directly about it.  This type of personalized attention in the marriage help arena is almost unheard of.
  •  There was a section in the program called: Answers to Your Pressing Questions.  This section was great.  It’s almost like Fertel is psychic because almost everything I was thinking about and facing was covered in this section.
  •  Questions like How do I get my spouse to change? How do I know I married the right person?  Should I tell my spouse I love them? How do I know it’s time to call it quits?
  •  These are important questions and their correct answers are crucial.  You can’t risk going it alone.  There are correct and wrong answers to these questions.  The wrong ones can end your marriage dead in its tracks.
  •  The personal journal in the course was fantastic.  At first I wasn’t too happy about this but soon discovered the more I wrote, the less my marriage problems were affecting me.  It’s strange how much pain and suffering you can get out by being asked the right questions and writing the answers out.  Mort Ferteldefinitely knows how to ask the right questions.
  •  The program also has a great section titled A Surprising Solution for Your Marital Situation.  The answer was so simple and it had a huge impact on saving my marriage.
  •   Learning How to Live Love.  In this section you’ll learn how to fall in love again.  This is a huge part of the Marriage Fitness program.  Being in love with your spouse is pretty much the secret recipe which makes this program work.  You may think it’s hard to fall in love again but it’s very simple.  You can begin immediately if you know this simple trick.

 Are You Ready For The Secret

Simply start doing loving things for your spouse despite how you feel.  This may not make sense.  It didn’t for me but it started helping immediately.  It didn’t necessarily make my wife do things differently for me but I personally felt way better.  Finally I was in control of something.  It felt amazing.  You can do it right now too if you like!

  •  How about reconnecting with your spouse? How can you do that? Again, this may not be your priority right now but that’s why you’re facing marriage problems to being with. You’re no longer connected to your spouse like you once were.  Fertel teaches you how to make that connection again.  Pay attention to this.  It’s huge!
  •  How about the section How to Stay in Love? In this section you’ll learn how to keep the fire burning in your relationship.  Most people think this takes too much effort but that’s not true.  It’s actually painless and simple.

Truth is, it’s been a while since my marriage problems but today my marriage is stronger than it ever was.  By simply following the steps in Marriage Fitness, my relationship effortlessly gets stronger by the day.  Mort’s direction is so simple to follow and it can make a huge impact on your marriage almost immediately.

OK…by now you’re probably wondering if Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness saved my marriage or not?

And the answer is a pretty huge YES.  After about 9 months of separation – yes, we were even separated – we got back together and I owe it all to the Marriage Fitness program.

Fertel’s program opened my eyes to the issues I personally was bringing to our marriage.  Before Marriage Fitness I thought I was a perfect husband but I was sadly mistaken.

There were so many little things I was doing that were slowly killing my marriage.  It wasn’t until I took Fertel’s program that I realized this.

I wanted to blame my wife for everything but it takes 2 to tango.  There were terrible mistakes I was making in my marriage and this program opened my eyes to them very quickly.

I now have a greater perspective on what it takes to have a healthy marriage.  Our marriage today is stronger than it’s ever been.  We go on date nights every Saturday and right now we’re 5 days away from our annual vacation to Jamaica.  Thanks to Fertel’s advice, my wife and I take a mini vacation every year to Jamaica just for the two of us.  This year will be our 5th year in a row!

My wife and I both act like we did when we first met.  We pretty much call and text each other throughout the day.  I miss it when I don’t hear from her.

Before fixing my marriage, it was almost a bother to pick up the phone when she called but now I eagerly await her call.  We’re constantly telling each other I love you and we’re always looking for ways to do nice things for each other.

 That’s My Story…Will Yours Be the Same?

You may be skeptical and perhaps don’t trust this Mort Fertel Review; I don’t blame you.  I was skeptical too at first but what I’ve revealed to you is 100% the truth.

Mort really knows what he’s doing.  It’s not like he’s some psychologist or anything.  He’s simply another guy just like you and me who almost lost his marriage but figured out how to make it work and thrive.  In the process he created an amazing course.

By now, you have nothing to lose.  Marriage Fitness could be the answer you’re searching for.  Here’s the best part.  You can pretty much find out for free what Mort Fertel is all about by accessing his FREE Marriage Advice Emails.  This is exactly how I started.

After receiving the FREE emails, I saw immediate results and decided to purchase his products which range from $69.95 to $399.  You can pay for them upfront or on a payment plan if you wish.  I personally bought the Marriage Fitness Tele-Bootcamp which cost $399 and it was the best investment I’ve ever made.

He even has a 100% Money Back Guarantee which made my decision that much easier.  Try to get your money back from that useless marriage counselor you’ve paid already.  I wish I could. I spent more than $700 on traditional marriage counseling.  What a waste!

 Just the FREE Information Will Blow You Away!

At Fertel’s Official site, you can also access 5 Marriage Assessments he’s put together.  Learn almost immediately if your marriage can make it or not!

No matter what you do, I wish this Mort Fertel Review gave you some insight into his program and how it helped me.

I wish you the best of luck.

~ Mikk

PS.  I almost forgot.  This works even if you’re the only one trying.  That was my case.  I was all alone.  My wife had no interest on working on our marriage.

PPS. Remember, by visiting his Official Site below, you’ll start receiving FREE emails immediately titled 7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage.

 Click Here Now to Access the FREE Emails and Get Started Saving Your Marriage


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    I have received your emails before but I guess I just wasn’t ready. My husband and I are still married although not happily most of the time. We constantly fight and we both feel under appreciated by the other. Neither of us really want to end the marriage, but neither do we want to spend the rest of our lives being miserable and resentful towards the other. Both of us are ready to tackle your program head on and not only save our marriage but ourselves. Please help us now. Thank you.

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    My husband has left me, living in an apartment and is ready to file and may have already. It is Wednesday 6 Jan 15 and he contacted an attorney on Monday. We have been married for 26 years. I truly had no clue this was coming. I am trained in human behavior and did not see this coming. I am also desperate to save our marriage. Is this something that could possibly help.

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